world cup 2015 semifinal match speculation of three thousand million


world cup 2015 semifinal match speculation of three thousand million on cricket world cup 2015 semifinal match


Ahmedabad. Enforcement Directorate (ED) connected online cricket betting racket busted a large business, including the main accused of rounding up 14 people. ED is estimated that the World Cup has already been speculation of eight thousand million. Three thousand million for the semifinal match odds of three seemingly anticipates ½. Betting wire Dubai and Pakistan seem to be connecting to the D company. Siddharth Trivedi has revealed the names of players. Since the form of semaphore hundred mobile police, 15 laptop, LCD, etc. have been seized. Ongoing cricket World Cup in Vadodara speculative semaphore village ED international racket was revealed Thursday.


The agency claims that the accused Ray Mala, Unjha municipality BJP councilor Tony Patel and Paresh Bhatia betting took place Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, Vadodara changing. Punter per game five crore through hawala in Dubai and Pakistan, were sent to the D company. To avoid the police and other investigative agency online Played entirely speculative. It made regular Betfair website dot com name. Also charged is too speculative by other websites. Punter put the ID and password, which was getting through online betting. IPL last year, the agency concerned with the racket expressed fear of being told that it was speculative in every match.



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