18 03, 2015

Facebook messenger now lets you pay your friends

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Facebook messenger now lets you pay your friends   Facebook Messenger app Venmo now you can send any payment. The app on the phone '$' sign would look up with the keyboard. Type the amount you want to send to send to Send Money option. Debit card number to pay for it first. IPhone on [...]

26 02, 2015

Twitter has finally launched its “while you were away” feature for Android users: must know

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Twitter has finally launched its 'while you were away' feature to the robot platform, a month once introducing it for iOS platform. In its blogpost last month, Twitter declared that it'll herald a recap of a number of the highest Tweets that the user might need uncomprehensible from the accounts they follow. This feature was [...]

26 02, 2015

Google tests a live chat in search results for Business

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Google tests a live chat in search results for Business:         Google is testing a service that lets business listed in Google search result with live chat with users. This feature will show where the listed business is currently available and immediately provides the chat via Google hangouts. This App resembles path [...]

25 02, 2015

iPhone 6 Plus now available with Vodafone; starting price at Rs 8,490/only.

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  Vodafone has launched a replacement EMI arrange for the iPhone vi and. Customers will currently purchase associate degree iPhone vi and 16GB at Rs eight,490 as a payment for a 24-month deal. consumers can then have to be compelled to pay Rs three,599 per month for twenty-four months, which has Vodafone’s 6K plan- 6000 [...]

23 02, 2015

You tube is ready to launch an APP for kids: on 23rd of feb2015

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YouTube, the biggest video-sharing service, is launching a replacement kid-friendly app known as YouTube children on Monday February twenty three. YouTube children are accessible for free of charge on mechanical man once it launches. A Google  -0.87% proponent conjointly confirmed that the YouTube children app are distended to different platforms soon.   YouTube can rector [...]