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muslim vote bank wrestlering for muslim vote bank

Uttar Pradesh on February 12, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) MP Asaduddin Owaisi Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen Party (MAIM) had its first party. This party, which won two seats in the assembly elections in Maharashtra recently has presence. The provocative statements that identify your Owaisi Maharajganj Prtavl Muslim Paniara Road were not present in the party itself, but Charminar, Hyderabad, Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri Maim legislators and other leaders strongly Muslims tried to placate . Muzaffarnagar riots Owaisi wounds and scraped along the ‘Lion of Islam’ as a Muslim was called to unite under the banner of Maim. It is not only limited to Maharajganj. Maim aggressively township within two weeks, Bahraich, Gonda and western districts of Lucknow from Muzaffarnagar, Amroha and meetings in steady state and the Muslim politics have been trying to create an alternative.


Between activity suddenly began to Maim Minister Narendra Modi on February 19, Maulana Azad National Urdu University’s close and the newly appointed Chancellor of Hyderabad Zafar Lucknow Sreshwala suddenly arrived. They are well-known center of religious education ‘Ulema Darul Uloom Ndwatul’ ‘he said. Between Muslims rallied against BJP in Delhi, Prime Minister Modi, perhaps their only objective is to make the air as messengers brought Sreshwala pull Lucknow. He heads the All India Muslim Personal Law Board Ndwa college president Maulana Rabe Hasni Nadvi spent more than two hours. The meeting was also important because the Personal Law Board headed by Maulana Nadvi Jaipur March 21 at the annual meeting of the General Council of the rhetoric Hindutwadi organizations, conversion and ‘Homecoming’ covers such issues. Sreshwala beyond the UP Modi tried to show the image of the controversial issues. Narendra Modi talks soon with the Muslim leaders will step in this direction.

In the 2014 state elections, even though not a single Muslim candidate brought to the threshold of the House, but the Delhi assembly elections in the state of Muslims atmosphere became clear that some of the concerns. Among those in the state as a party is knocked Maim. The BJP also greatly enraged Muslims do not appear in the currency. Muslim affairs watchers Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Professor Dr of Philosophy in. Tariq Islam says, ‘elections in the state were the Muslim dilemma. But Delhi has impacted heavily on the election results. The society now Muslim organizations, clerics and politicians rather than to be blind hanger trying to understand the fundamental issues of life. ‘

Muslim seats on target
UP about 19 per cent of the total population number of Muslims in the state, 20 percent or more of the 70 constituencies. The Uttar Pradesh 20, East 10, a seat in the middle of the five and Bundelkhand Muslim voters is between 30-45 percent. Not a single member of the 2014 state elections to win the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati also understand that without the support of the Muslims of the region can not win the next election. Under this strategy, the Muslim face of his party in charge of western UP Nasimuddin Siddique made with large Muslim populations.

BSP 70 Muslim seats in the state more than 50 have declared their Muslim. So far, the BSP, Samajwadi Party (SP), the communal riots in government and the security of Muslims making the major election issue. But the recent sharp Mulayam Singh’s grandson Prime Modi’s presence in the wedding party, the party is handed a new political weapon. Siddiqui said the party’s national general secretary, ‘Well Mulayam Singh Muslims become friendly, but call your home wedding Modi. The event was not a Muslim leader? ‘

Young Muslim Leaders Trust
Muslim leaders and luminaries such as Ahmed Hassan Khan SP young Muslim leaders are trying to build a team. A national general secretary of the party says, ‘Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013. Unlike the young leaders of the party leaders among Muslims played an effective damage control. Now the party as he is preparing the next generation of leaders. ” Its hallmark saw then, the party leader from Muradnagar in Ghaziabad quick victory in the Legislative Council election in January gave Malik. Muzaffarnagar riots Malik link between the victims and the government had worked. Mohammad Abad and Nafees Ahmed Javed Abdi including young faces in the list, Nimul Islam Chowdhury is also the name of Aaron and Yasir Shah.

Hindu organizations lobbied against
After the way the popular mood in UP elections watchdog organizations has risen against him like Maim other Muslim fundamentalist parties have the opportunity to create their own space. Of land in the village of Kushinagar Madhopur on February 25 in a dispute over the Hindu Yuva Vahini activists of communal tension over 150 Muslmnon was forced to leave the village. In protest, a group of workers not only immediately Madhopur reached Maim, the party announced the administration Mahapanchayat extremities were inflated. Maim in the last six months, has your organization stand in 50 districts of Uttar Pradesh. Shaukat Ali says the president, ‘the ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections with protecting Muslims jailed innocent youths to leave the reservation and had reneged on promises like. President of the Maim these questions have been raised in Parliament. ” The Minister’s allegations are simply answer, ‘Maim to help the BJP in UP has come. These questions have to do with the Muslims.

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muslim vote bank wrestlering for muslim vote bank
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