Microsoft Careers largest deficit, may be laid off 7,800 people


Microsoft Careers largest deficit, may be laid off 7,800 people

US company Microsoft in their business career, by far the largest loss. The company's first quarter report, nearly 20 thousand crore ($ 3.2 billion) loss is reported. Much of this loss is believed to be the Nokia deal valuations again.

Microsoft bought Nokia in $ 9.4 billion last year, but now the company has reduced its valuation of $ 7.5 billion. This caused the company's stock has fallen sharply.

Tech giant Microsoft last night told of his quarter report. Between April and June of this report's company for every share of 40 cents (US money) lost. Total losses were 20 thousand crore.

While last year, the company has 30 thousand crore in the corresponding quarter of the profits were going. Nokia's re-valuation if the company does not, it could have every share profit of 62 cents up. The report may be the job of the company's 7800 reported that Microsoft's phone business, all jobs will be the same.

The company's main reasons this large deficit

1. Microsoft Business Your MS Office is the shift to the cloud. It believes it can earn more profits on every customer. But it saw no immediate impact. Nokia Deal cloud business can not compensate for the loss of the company. After the fall of the personal computer market, Microsoft's Windows license is also falling into the cell.

2. The company is doing so in a Windows Phone Lolc but he did not have any particular response, Yjrs are not coming to Windows Phone.

3. Windows 10, Windows 8 before the company could not show too much awesome. Although the company has launched Windows 10 to see how the OS will please people.

Written By- Vikas Singh (Sr. Software Developer / Project Manager )

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