Mint Web Site Hacked and ISOs replaced with Backdoored OS

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Mint Web Site Hacked and ISOs replaced with Backdoored OS

Mint Website Hacked:

Are you furthermore may the one Who downloaded Linux Mint on Feb 20th?  you may are Infected because 20th feb Mint Web Site Hacked .
Linux Mint is one in all the most effective and popular UNIX system distros available nowadays, but if you’ve got downloaded and installed the software recently you would possibly have done thus using a malicious ISO image.

Who are affected?

As way because the Linux operating system Mint team is aware of, the issue only affects the one edition, which is UNIX OS Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition.
The situation happened last night, that the issue only impacts people that downloaded the preceding version of UNIX OS Mint on Feb 20th.
However, if you’ve got downloaded the Cinnamon edition or release before Saturday 20th, February,the problem doesn’t have an effect on you. although you downloaded a unique edition as well as Mint 17.3 Cinnamon via Torrent or direct HTTP link, this doesn’t have an effect on you either.

What had Happened?

Linux Mint Web Site Hacked

Hackers believed to own accessed the underlying server via the team’s WordPress web log then got shell access to www-data.

Mint Web Site Hacked
From there, the hackers manipulated the UNIX system Mint download page and pointed it to a malicious FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server hosted in Balkan country (IP:, the inquiring team discovered.
The infected UNIX ISO pictures installed the complete OS with the web Relay Chat (IRC) backdoor moving ridge, giving the attackers access to the system via IRC servers.
Tsunami may be a well-known UNIX OS ELF trojan that’s a straightforward IRC bot used for launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Hackers vs. Linux or Unix Mint SysAdmins

However, the UNIX OS Mint team managed to find the hack, clean up the links from their web sitequickly, declared the info breach on their official blog, then it seems that the hackers compromised its download page once more.
Knowing that it’sfailed to eliminate the precisepoint of entry of hackers, the UNIX OS Mint team tookthe complete domain offline to prevent the ISO pictures from spreading to its users.
The UNIX OS Mint official website is presently offline until the team investigates the problem entirely. However, the hackers’ motive behind the hack isn’t clear however.

Here’s How to Protect your Linux Machine

Users with the ISO image can check its signature in an attempt to create certain it’s valid.
To check for associate degree infected download, you can compare the MD5 signature with the official versions, enclosed in Lefebvre’s blog post.
If found infected, users square measure advised to follow these steps:

1. Take the pc offline.
2. Backup all of your personal information.
3. install the package (with a clean ISO) or format the partition.
4. modification passwords for sensitive websites and emails.
Mint Web Site Hacked: you’ll be able to browse full detail regarding the hack here. The official website isn’t accessible at the time of writing. We’ll update the story after we hear a lot of.

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