cwc15 underarm incident still resonates before world cup final


Melbourne Cricket World Cup final in 2015 on the grounds of the host country are willing to take. The Australia and New Zealand between 1 February 1981, he played at the same venue in question is bound to remember the day.
Benson Hedges final match of the series was running third. New Zealand won by 78 runs in the first match and the second was the Australian team's seven wicket victory.

Australian captain Greg Chappell and 90 innings of the match, he boosted his team was playing. Australia batted first against New Zealand has scored 236. In response Kiwi opener Bruce Edgar and alone the century took the team to the threshold of victory.
According to the rules of the game was not wrong. Trevor Believe the ball rolling on the pitch towards the batsman who bowled was stunned and could not make a run. New Zealand batsman who had a chance to tie the game with six consecutive chapel was stripped of the controversial bowling underarm. Australia won the match by 6 runs.

Australia won the fourth final of the series took its name. Tournament 'Man of the Match' Australian captain Greg Chappell.

The chapel in the final act of the third cricket is seen as embarrassing incident and then the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Australia both said it was against the spirit of sport. Chappell brothers later publicly apologized for the incident was sought.

Once again on Melbourne's historic ground between these two teams in the final match to be played, and when it comes to any chance of the match in 1981 are reminiscent.


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