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Best Android Apps for Your Smartphone -2016

Best Android apps to supercharge your smartphone

If you’re looking for the best Android apps for your tablet or smartphone, there’s never been so much choice.

Google Play is now chock full of quality free and paid for Android apps, that getting the best is difficult. That’s why we’re here, to cut through the noise and help you find the best Android apps of 2014.

Once the lowly second fiddle to Apple’s bustling App Store, Google Play continues to go from strength to strength as more great Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8and tablets like the Google Nexus 9 show what the Google-powered mobile platform is truly capable of.
If you’ve just bought a new Android smartphone or tablet and looking to pack it with the finest app offerings on Google Play, each month T3’s app experts will bring you the very best free and paid for Android apps available right now. Here’s what delights we have discovered this month.

Microsoft Office for tablet


The ubiquitous suite of word processing, presentation creation and spreadsheet management apps is now available on Android slates, and we’re pretty impressed. Word, Powerpoint and Excel are all separate downloads and come packing a strong amount of free features, including basic creating and editing, multiple formatting options and easy sharing. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber you’ll flesh out the feature list even further with a bunch more formatting options.



If you struggle to keep all your media organised across multiples PCs, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, Plex is a lifesaver. Just install the server on your main computer, point the app to your files and it’ll instantly clean everything up, add in the relevant artwork and metadata and make everything available for streaming, anywhere.

Action Launcher 3

xl_action launcher

Our current favourite homescreen replacement for Android has just seen a rather large, Material Design infused update and it’s better than ever. The new Quicktheme feature pulls colours out from your wallpaper and infuses other parts of the system, like the app draw, while Covers let you add multiple functions to folders. Shutters though are our favourite feature here, letting you swipe on an icon to display a relevant widget. It’s time saving at its best.



A clean, simple and well functioning Android file manager that gives you quick access to all your files along with remote server support.Thanks to the Material Design makeover, this is an app that almost looks like it came straight from Google.

Weather Timeline

xl_weather timeline

Another Material Design infused app here and a very swish looking one at that. Unlike other weather apps, this gives you a quick overview of the next hour, next two days and next week all in one single view. The themes are customisable, support for Android Wear is included and it’s formatted for tablets too.



While we all have countless photo editing apps installed on our phones, Quick takes it a step further and lets you add a text overlay to your snaps. The range of fonts is impressive and when you’ve finished there are plenty of built-in sharing options.



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