bank run by beggars for beggars in bihar town

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bank run by beggars for beggars in bihar town

A group of beggars in the city of Bihar The bank opened its own, which they are run and managed, the crisis could get financial security.
The mother temple in town Mnglaguri relying on the charity of the hundreds of worshipers the bank has launched dozens of beggars. Mangala bank has kept its name by beggars.

One of the 40 members of this unique bank Raj Kumar Majhi said it is true that we have established for themselves a bank. ” Rafter said bank manager, treasurer and secretary as well as running an agent and bank members are all beggars. ” Incidentally, the manager of the bank’s negotiator.

To manage bank accounts and other things sufficiently educated boater, “said each of us every Tuesday in a bank deposit of Rs 20 to Rs 800 weekly karat which is deposited.” Vinayak agent bank Paswan is to collect money from their members to work each week. Six months ago, the Secretary established bank Malati Devi said: “The last year with high expectations and was introduced to meet the aspirations of beggars. With good behavior in our society is not yet, because we are too poor to the poor. ”

Beggars to open your account Malti are now approaching more and more beggars. “The members of the bank are beggars, they neither BPL (below poverty line) nor the base card.” Nagina Devi, wife of the captain of the bank’s cashier. He said, “My job is to deal with the accumulated money.” Rafter said his bank when emergency help beggars.

“The beginning of the month, my daughter and sister were burnt cooking. Bank for their treatment lent me 8,000 bucks. ” Rafter said that this is an example of how it can help their banks as beggars. This procedure helps in nationalized banks, such as the paperwork is complete without or guarantors. Boater did not pay interest on this debt to a month.

However, Malti said bank to refund pressure required to pay interest on the debt is 2 to 5 percent. ” Nathun Buddha, spring boater, Rita Msomat and Dhaula Devi said he is happy that he is now less than your bank. Start your bank to inmates of the State Committee for the extremely poor and social welfare officials had encouraged this year.

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